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STARR Teen Esteem and Leadership

The STARR Leadership Programs are designed for at-risk teenage girls, ages 14-18, who may be struggling with debilitating self-esteem and confidence issues. Participation in STARR will support these young women in developing a strong sense of self, and equipping them to make healthier choices, in order to thrive academically, economically, and socially.   The participating girls come from all socio-economic conditions; most whose parents cannot afford to register their daughters in such a dynamic program. Low self-worth is prevalent amongst a high percentage of teen girls, and if there is no intervention, the consequences can be serious (Dove Self-Esteem Fund – 2008). Seven in ten girls ages 15-17 believe they are not good enough; they simply do not measure up in some way, including their body images, performance in school, and in relationships. Within this population of girls we find, in large part, eating disorders, substance abuse, cutting, bullying, and early sexual activity.

The theme for the STARR Project Teen-Esteem & Leadership Experience in July was “Masterpiece”.  The teen participants began their experience by drawing out each other’s body shapes. During the five days, they filled them in with positive stuff, drawing in their hearts, their strengths, accomplishments, then gave each other words to describe the beauty they saw in each other … inside and out. Then we posted the art on the walls around the room. Their contracts were written on a small canvas, they were given a palette and brush to remind them that they can continue to fill in their best selves as they make healthier choices in their lives. And, one of the staff brought them each a beret, directly from Paris, to display their artistry … the women of expression and substance they had become.  Most often, teens respond much better to a group dynamic than to a one-on-one therapeutic process. For these reasons, Leadership Education Action Programs (LEAP) is sponsoring a series of accelerated, experiential, innovative STARR events, in collaboration with CARTE, Inc., a 501C3 non-profit organization.
The Teens Will Learn To …

  • Build trust in themselves & others
  • Learn to communicate more honestly & effectively with parents and others
  • Overcome bullying, low sense of self, abuse or a negative event in their lives
  • Develop their own self-esteem and express more confidence
  • Create a higher sense of self (self-image)
  • Break through the barriers holding them back and causing distress
  • Set and achieve their goals to ultimately live their dreams
  • Experience total support from their peers
  • Be more influential as a leader
  • Learn the success principles that result in better grades and a winning life

 STARR Mission 

To develop young women as influential leaders no matter what has happened in their lives or what their current conditions may be.

There are several pre-requisite programs to participation in the amazing 5-Day Leadership Experience.

STARR Teen Communication Live Webinar

STARR Leadership Group Life Coaching on Zoom

STARR Coaching Group for Moms of Teens

STARR Mothers and Daughters Connect

STARR Project Teen Esteem (2.5-Day Event)

STARR Project Leadership Experience (5-Day Event)

Fees vary depending on program or number in groups. Scholarships are available on a pre-qualified basis for every program.

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Teen Testimonials


Here is what two teenagers said about STARR:



We Need Your Support

Partner with LEAP and CARTE to help develop scholarships for underprivileged teen girls who would have fewer opportunities to learn the principles of life success. Their participation in the STARR experience will boldly encourage and inspire them to take action in redefining themselves as victors. See lower part of this page to find out how you can participate in sponsoring a teen.

Sponsor a Teen

Bobbi DiClaudio presents the STARR Teen-Esteem Project and Leadership Experience at Inspired Women Event!

All it would take for the forces of evil to triumph in this world is for a few good women to do nothing.” – A paraphrase of Edmund Burke’s quote (1700’s).

More than ever, this quote is relevant today. Though the world is being confronted by evil in many ways, dedicated women are taking a stand, pushing back the dark, and doing whatever they can to make this world a better place. Debra Dion Krischke, the founder of Inspired Women Paying it Forward, is one of those amazing women. She is lighting up the world with her concept of building a women’s philanthropic networking group. The first benefactor of Debra’s ambitious program is CARTE-Child Abuse Resolved through Education, a 501C3 nonprofit organization. Bobbi DiClaudio of Pittsburgh, a volunteer with CARTE, gave a dynamic presentation on the STARR Teen-Esteem Project and Leadership Experience for teen girls, ages 14-18, to be held in Coloma, California, July 13-18 2015. Dominque Poncet (left on photo) and Bobbi will be on staff for STARR this year. CARTE is an all-volunteer organization so funds are used directly to produce STARR. CARTE believes that in today’s world women are the tipping point of peace and prosperity. These women, and those who generously donated, represent leadership in action! The teens who will graduate from STARR on July 18 will be empowered and supported by these committed models to become young women of substance … our future leaders.

STARR received a grant from The Pollination Project. This will provide an opportunity for us to develop a video of the STARR experience. Thank you to all our grantors, both private and foundations.    

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Please go to our donation button and give generously. There are several ways you can participate as a STARR partner.

Bronze STARR Partner – For your donation of $50 or more to the nonprofit, you will receive the Amazon bestseller RE, The wisdom in rethinking your life authored by the facilitators of STARR to raise funds for STARR.

Silver STARR Partner – Your donation of $250 will provide one scholarship for one of the first two programs offered, STARR Teen Communication or STARR Group Life Coaching on Zoom. 

GOLD STARR Partner – Your donation of $550 will sponsor one at-risk teen in the STARR Project Teen-Esteem 2.5-Day Event, which includes accommodations, healthy food, all materials, and self-defense training for the full program.

Platinum STARR Partner – Your donation of $10,000 will sponsor up to 20 at-risk underprivileged teens in the STARR Project Teen-Esteem 2.5-Day Event including all accommodations, healthy food, program materials, and self-defense training for the full program.